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Hundred Forty Eight

The 2nd album / pre-release info

I’m very happy to announce the 2nd piece of a sound collection which revealed to be a new album this year. 

There are tracks that were created right after the 1st album Spirography with its own sound link and story. But those tracks are different and have found their own place in this new album.

The Hundert Forty Eight tracks are different and have their own sound mood and feel. Each track’s beats are revealed in waves and with its characteristic rhythm logic. Each part of the album has a different intro and outro because the way of putting sounds together has changed. From FlipSide to Keep is 1st part. From Converse to Don’t Look Back is 2nd part and 3rd part is made from the last two tracks as a chilling outro from  this Hunderd Forty Eight LP.

Part I.

  • FlipSide
  • Come
  • Breach
  • Keep

Part II.

  • Converse
  • Intaktan
  • Skitter
  • Don’t Look Back


  • Dream Hunter
  • Slip Thru
Hundred Forty Eight
Flipside (ebm edit)
Come (harmony edit)
Breach (extended edit)
Converse (radio edit)
Keep (isolated edit)
Intaktan (touch edit)
Skitter (dark edit)
Don't Look Back (live edit)
Dream Hunter (blackout edit)
Slip Thru (sky edit)